Thursday, January 04, 2007

Superman/Batman #31 Makes The West Coast

Evidently the storms in Denver delayed last week's shipment of Superman/Batman #31 to the West Coast, so hopefully the book will hit the stands on the left hand side of the country today. (In a perverse way, it's nice to have a delay that can be blamed on the weather for once!) New artist Matthew Clark debuts, the mystery shape shifter is revealed to a chorus of "you gotta be kidding me -- it was HIM?!!", and the build to the big-ol' climax continues.

In other news, the big cosmic arc ends with issue #33, and S/B #34 is already in the can (the classic Metal Men are BACK, baby, with art by Pat Lee!) and #'s 35 and 36 are in process, so there will be more S/B goodness and hopefully fewer delays in 2007.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm liking the current S/B story ark, it's pretty fun, but I'll be dropping the book as soon as pat lee comes on board. Maybe I'll give the book a look again after he's off it.

11:04 PM  

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