Sunday, January 14, 2007

David Milch, Deadwood and Foxholes

Far as I'm concerned, DEADWOOD was one of the top ten television shows of all time, a brilliant, profane, dark meditation on the struggle for people to live together in some sort of peace. Creator David Milch has a new show coming up, JOHN FROM CINCINNATI, which is ostensibly about surfing, probably about as much as DEADWOOD was about gold mining. Milch spoke at the TCA's last week and here's a link to a few of the comments...

Probably the best news in the whole piece was confirmation that the two, two hour DEADWOOD movies promised to wrap up the series are still being developed. In the article, it was noted that some folks were so upset over Milch moving away from DEADWOOD that they intend to boycott the new show, which is classic cutting off nose to spite face behavior. I'll watch ANYTHING Milch deigns to produce...


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