Saturday, January 06, 2007

My Name Is Bruce and Chainsaws

I noticed a thread over at the ever-popular site wondering if Mr. Campbell would be brandishing a chainsaw in the forthcoming epic, MY NAME IS BRUCE. I don't want to get into spoiler territory, but sweet JESUS, did you really think we wouldn't squeeze a chainsaw somewhere in there?! You're not only reading the blog of an true-blue EVIL DEAD fan, but the writer/producer/director (in my college days) of the 16mm student film masterwork, JOHN BOY MEETS THE TEXAS CHAINSAW KILLER. (Yes, I'm serious, much to the dismay of my film professor!)

Truth is, any movie gets better when there's a chainsaw involved. Take STAR WARS. Light sabers? Okay. Chainsaws? Better! Chuck Connors was good as THE RIFLEMAN, but imagine that opening sequense if he were THE CHAINSAWMAN. And I would have been first in line if there had been chainsaws involved in SISTERHOOD OF THE TRAVELING PANTS or whatever the hell that thing was called.

So, to answer the question: YES. There will be chainsaw in MNIB!


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Blogger enterthestrange said...

Hi, I was an actress for MNIB. You said hi to me very briefly, but I was in a little bit of shock over the whole thing and didn't really get to tell you how much I enjoyed working on the film.

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