Monday, January 22, 2007

Battlestar Mystery SOLVED

Well, it wasn't much of a mystery, Susan Getgood in the comments section got it right away. The question was, what scene was moved out of "Eye Of Jupiter" into "Rapture." Susan guessed it was the explosive moment between Sharon and Helo, and she's right. The Sharon/Helo scene was the scripted climax to "Jupiter", but in editting things often shift and flow, especially when you're doing a two parter.

Meanwhile, Jkel asks if I have any comment on an article posted at

Cut and paste the link for the article, which will in turn send you to the original piece at SyFy Portal, but here are the money quotes from BSG Producer David Weddle: "In the second half of this season, you can expect many stunning surprises and revelations," said Weddle. "We will experience the devastating loss of a much loved character who is central to 'Galactica,' and it will shake the crew to the core."

"I imagine many fans will be outraged and screaming for our heads," continued Weddle. "But others may take comfort in the fact that every time we upset the chessboard and scatter the pieces, it opens the door to many new provocative and exciting stories in the season to come."

My response is, umm, "what he said!" I suspect there will be a lot of teeth gnashing and anguish as the second half of season three progresses, and there is one heck of a cliffhanger ahead, closing out the year... but trust me, none of this stuff is done lightly or casually or without an enormous amount of discussion, debate and deliberation among a whole lot of folks. All I can say is, prepare yourselves... it's gonna be an exciting, emotional and thoroughly unpredicable ride.


Anonymous Michael Hinman said...

Hey, Mark ... wouldn't it be better to have "Mark Verheiden" rather than David Weddle there? (hahaha, don't tell him I said that).

If you ever want to talk about the show, drop me a line ... :)

11:35 AM  

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