Friday, September 15, 2006

Robert Gordon = Great Singer

Robert Gordon was pegged as being part of the rockabilly revival in the late '70's/ early '80's, along with bands like The Stray Cats, but he has continued to toil in the fields of classic American rock ever since. Blessed with a powerful baritone and wonderful taste in music, his four studio albums (originally on RCA) are all available and definitely worth checking out. Two of those albums feature the late, great Link Wray on guitar, and those are some snarling slabs o' wax. Bear Family in Germany has released a couple of stuffed-to-the-digital-edges comps collecting almost all the RCA tracks + extras, as well as finally putting out Gordon's last, uncompleted RCA effort, which went unreleased for 25 years.

Gordon's most recent studio effort, "Satisfied Mind", was released in 2005 and it's a return to form, well worth seeking out. Perhaps more interesting is a CD/DVD set featuring a live show from 2005, where Gordon is accompanied by longtime guitar hero-buddy Chris Spedding. If you want to sample Mr. G without blowing any dough, check out his website ( which offers a bunch of live downloads, tour info and other cool stuff...


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Link Wray? I'll definitely look this guy up now.

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