Thursday, September 21, 2006

Battlestar And Entertainment Weekly

The current issue of ET features a nice cover article on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA and some info on the upcoming season. There's a certain temporal disconnect for yours truly, since we started working on season three way back in November 2005, and I am currently working on the outline for the season three finale. Most shows aren't quite this far ahead; during my three years on SMALLVILLE, we were usually working seven or episodes ahead of whatever was airing. On BG, it's a little strange to remember/realize that audiences haven't seen anything from season three yet, while the cast and crew are beginning to eye a pencil-thin light at the end of a long, creatively rewarding tunnel...

BTW, please note that the show has moved to 9:00 PM on Friday, on the Sci-Fi channel. Our first show, on October 6, is a meaty two-hour epic that deals with the catastrophic Cylon occupation of New Caprica. For those who need to catch up on the plot machinations, Sci-Fi's put together a one-hour compilation/clip show that will painlessly bring you up to speed, check the Sci-Fi website for times...


Blogger Neil said...

It looks like the BG team are trying to follow the B5 model of getting the scripts in well enough in advance to avoid budget problems. With all the special effects that are needed in a show like this, that appears to be the only way to go. At Shore Leave, Mojo was saying how they started off way in advance during the second season, but even so, for some episodes the final SFX came in real close to the wire.


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