Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Dr. Feelgood - Down By The Jetty

I've been a fan of the English band "Dr. Feelgood" for awhile, and EMI UK just did us a big favor by releasing a 2 CD "Collector's Edition" version of their first album, "Down By The Jetty." Originally released in January 1975 in semi-mono, this is a classic slab of bluesy/R & B rock features the late/great Lee Brilleaux on vocals. Dr. Feelgood continues to play to this day, sans Brilleaux, but this is really their stand-out recording. This collector's edition features both the original mono mix and the never-released stereo version, which was rejected at the time for feeling too unbalanced (too much bass on one side, too much everything else on the other) but frankly it sounds fine to me and adds a nice dimensionality to the tunes. There are also multiple bonus tracks, some live, and a nice booklet that discusses the band's history and the recording of the "Jetty" album. Amazon has it!


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