Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A Few More BRUCE-arific REVIEWS!

The Awesome Badness folks find much to love in My Name Is Bruce:



When "My Name Is Bruce" comes together, it really works well, and a couple of times it had me rolling on the floor laughing...the part where we get to watch "Bruce" filming "Cave Alien 2" is priceless...and look out for Ted Raimi’s Chinese accent. The film functions as both a likeable horror comedy for the general public and one long slow wink for the fans, and does so in such a manner that one does not interfere with the enjoyment of the other...no small feat.

Taken as a whole, "My Name Is Bruce" the kind of fun movies USED to be back in the eighties when home video was first helping low-budget horror take over the world, before everything became CGI-ed to death. It’s a big, fat, silly good time at the movies. You got a problem with that, mouth breather?

This next fellow takes greeeeeat umbrage at the New York Times for daring to diss the Bruce... and this is only part one of his tirade! Go for it, buddy!



If a film is made, and without a single shred of doubt, is clearly created precisely to amuse (and simultaneously administer a loving backslap at) the admittedly goofy cultists of the Bruce Campbell camp (amongst whom Jen and I will forever firmly align ourselves), and then this film satisfies the bulk of them in some arcane fashion, is that not some small form of success, however downgraded some might consider it? Certainly I found some fault and one major annoyance within the film, but given that he filmed most of it on his own property on a relative micro-budget, and also given that the film is so purposefully shaggy and self-deprecating, I honestly could see that, if such a film were viewed by those largely unknowing of Campbell's talents, they might actually come to love the big lug like the rest of us. If, do to my cultism concerning Mr. Campbell, you think that perhaps I am not the best person to be judging anything he has created, then you are probably not aware of the main thrust of this blog, which is for myself to remain frightfully honest at all times in these pieces. This includes rating films like My Name Is Bruce appropriately and truthfully, despite my prejudices either for or against the creators of said film as I enter the theatre.

The Houston Press includes a review/interview with Bruce in their "Best Films Of 2008" section, which merits friggin' big time inclusion here whether it makes any sense or not!



My Name Is Bruce, however, ought to play better with the base, considering it was made just for (and about) them: Campbell plays himself as an over-the-hill, burned-out, alcoholic B-movie actor who is recruited by a rabid Evil Dead fan to save the day when an evil Chinese demon is accidentally unleashed upon a small town. "This is how I stay away from The Surreal Life," the director-star deadpans, "I just make movies about it. My Name Is Bruce is my worst nightmare come true. It's not a horror movie, but that to me is the true horror — if my career was like that, in the movie. I mean, it's close, but it's not that bad." Indeed not: Three shows booked for the Alamo Drafthouse in Austin sold out immediately.