Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bruce Takes Portland Oregon By STORM!

A literal storm... I flew into Portland last night to attend the un-reashing of MY NAME IS BRUCE on an unsuspecting sell-out crowd at the Fox Regal Theater, and a great time was had by all. Enjoyed dinner with Mr. Campbell pre-show at some semi-chi-chi Portland restaurant, discussing just about everything BUT the friggin' movie/TV business. Bruce was on the 15th or 16th city on his whirlwind tour, but you wouldn't have known it, as he kibitzed his way through a Q & A session post-screening. Afterward, enjoyed drinks with my old pal Stan, who plays "the guy at the table behind Bruce during the strip joint sequence" in the BRUCE film. Of course my star turn shoving money in the stripper's pants was cut... no respect, man, writers get NO respect...

The Portland weather reports were threatening all sorts of Biblical-level cold-front ice-storm disaster, but when I peeked out the hotel window at 7AM Sunday morning, there was nothing. So I fell back to sleep, secure that I'd be able to make my plane that afternoon. Woke up at 9AM and looked out at -- a whiteout! A blizzard had rolled in! Freeways were closing, wrecks were piling up, IT WAS ARMAGEDDON!! But I had cagily paid extra for liability coverage on the rented Ford Edge, so what the hell. Some icy slipping and sliding later, the airport loomed and what you know, despite the snow the flight left right on time. And I sat next to, of all people, Ed Asner (!).

This Friday, Dec. 19th, Bruce begins his Los Angeles appearance schedule with a run at the Nuart Theater. If you enjoy refined, sophisticated comedy... I'd find something else to see! But if you like down and dirty yucks the Bruce Campbell way, come on out!