Monday, October 27, 2008

Fangoria Hearts My Name Is Bruce!

See the Michael Gingold/Fango review at:


The true appeal of MY NAME IS BRUCE lies in the way it conflates its star’s real-life career and fictional persona, and will be most enjoyed by those who can differentiate the bona fide tacky Campbell credits it namechecks (i.e. MOONTRAP, ASSAULT ON DOME 4) from those it makes up. The most significant of the latter is CAVE ALIEN, which on evidence of the scenes we see is truly terrible, but has managed to not only spawn sequels but land on the cover of FANGORIA. Throughout, there are in-jokes in both the dialogue and casting (Ellen Sandweiss, Campbell’s girlfriend Cheryl in the original EVIL DEAD, turns up here as Bruce’s ex-wife Cheryl), and MY NAME IS BRUCE can be seen as the ultimate love letter—with a pen dipped in poison—from Campbell to his die-hard followers.