Sunday, October 12, 2008

Dexter, Battlestar, Heroes, Bruce UPDATE EXTRA!

Tonight's episode of Dexter (destined to be rerun repeatedly on Showtime, I imagine) was directed by John Dahl, who by startling coincidence also directed my last writing effort for Batttlestar Galactica. John's made some great movies (his noirish Red Rock West is oft quoted in writer's rooms, I've discovered) and he was great to work with, so it's fun to see more Dahl in the tele-verse.

Last I heard, work continues feverishly on finishing the final season of BSG, and lovely Jane Espenson was finally allowed to retreat to Los Angeles after finishing her duties on the BSG movie, "The Plan." I would offer more juicy insider info, except... I don't have any. I'm waiting as anxiously as everyone else to see how these suckers finally turn out!

Meanwhile, there's more Heroes excitement tomorrow night at 9:00PM, so check it out!

And finally, the Alamo Drafthouse premiere of the Bruce Campbell masterwork, My Name Is Bruce, has been officially announced. I, tragically, will not be able to attend, but look forward to reading all the dirt once Bruce unveils our little opus. And the plan is still on for a tour of various American cities and big screen unspoolings of the movie critics across America are calling "the next Bruce Campbell movie!" Me, I'll definitely in at the Los Angeles event (12/19 - 12/21) and fingers crossed, the glorious unveiling in Portland, Oregon. Keep your eyes peeled for the theater locations and times...