Saturday, October 18, 2008

I Blab About BRUCE (and a little BSG)...

The current issue of FANGORIA (the one with the lovely image from SAW V on the cover) has a fairly in-depth interview with yours truly and Mr. Campbell on the entire panoply of intrigue that was, is and will be My Name Is Bruce. Plus photos! Learn the grisly truth about the original idea for Bruce, my very professional Bruce writing technique (hint, it involved beverages with "proof" on the label), and more! Somehow, a few Battlestar questions got sprinkled in too, but those looking for spoilers and/or deep insights will be, as usual, sorely disappointed.

Also in the magazine, my favorite title (well, today) for a new horror movie, TGP, or Tokyo Gore Police... because even gore needs policing. I guess.