Sunday, April 22, 2007

Varied And Sundry...

* Superman/Batman #34, featuring the redesigned Metal Men, is out. The first of a three issue arc where the Man of Steel and the Dark Knight go up against the Metallic... uhhh... Men-Guys. (Ran out of alliteration ideas there.) Story by yours truly, art by Pat Lee, published by DC Comics, check it out!

* Superman/Batman "The Enemies Among Us" Hardcover, collecting the first six issue arc, is due for release on May 9 and will include a new afterword by yours truly discussing the writing process, my fascination/obsession with silver age DC Comics and the glory that is "Zook."

* I did a Battlestar Galactica-focused interview for the British magazine TV ZONE that should appear in a month or two. Meanwhile, work continues at rocket speed on BSG season four, and that is the extent of my "spoilers."

* The Bruce Campbell epic MY NAME IS BRUCE will be screened during the Cannes film festival (no, not in competition!) as we continue to plot for a theatrical release.


Blogger John Goins said...

Just read #33 and thought the art was great. Too bad you aren't keeping that guy. What's the story?

7:00 PM  
Blogger Inspector Clouseau said...

Salman Rushdie and other writers are appearing on a CSpan2 Book TV panel right now, until 11:00 am ESDT, discussing writer's imagination and how countries can use it to promote positive change.

5:40 AM  

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