Saturday, April 28, 2007

MY NAME IS BRUCE 2? Bruce speaks:

Cut and paste the URL below to find a new interview with the incredible Mr. C. on theatrical plans for MY NAME IS BRUCE, MY NAME IS BRUCE 2 - THE QUICKENING, and a host of other projects. I was personally stunned to see that plans to turn our movie-within-a-movie epic CAVE ALIEN into a genu-wine feature is off the table for the time being. After I spent the entire morning writing the script! Sheesh...


Blogger wcmartell said...


So, I saw Bruce at Fango last year and he was talking about this film... but I had no idea you wrote it. Cool.

About a month ago I managed to accidentally have 2 films in the Top Ten DVD Rentals (originals) chart - one at 4 and one at 10. Both suck.

- Bill

3:05 AM  

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