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Good article at the Los Angeles Times on the extreme secrecy employed re: Starbuck's demise. And the difficulty of actually keeping storylines secret in this internet age. Check it out:,1,334914.story?coll=la-headlines-entnewsstrong

Hat-tip to former-writer's-assistant now BSG staff-writer Seamus Kevin Fahey for the heads up!


Anonymous said...

So I've been thinking, intermittently for these 2 weeks, about how to resolve the problem. Not how to find Earth, or identify the last Cylon, because you guys seem to have the reigns on those fronts, and who cares besides? I'm talking about salvaging the Greatest Love Story Told On TV In, Well, At Least A Very Long Time If Not Ever from the wreckage of post-U.B. Season 3. But we have a real Scylla & Charybdis problem on our hands, in that you can either:

A) Dynamite the theme entirely, which not only undermines all that good work but borders on dramatic implausibility (Unless you're just going to keep them separate entirely); or
B) Attempt to wade on through in spite of all the damage.

Now, their last scene together in Maelstrom recouped some of our losses, even if JB's final look was more quizzical (i.e., puzzled at the finality of her tone, rather than anguished at the implication) than maybe it should have been. And Romo's speech about his wife was downright effective.

The problem lies in that when we were actually witnessing Lee live through what Romo describes, it rang completely hollow (Unless we’re to take it that L already completed that entire Romo-described process pre-U.B., which doesn’t seem tenable in that presumably if L had achieved the state described by Romo, that would be inconsistent with his post-UB wailing and gnashing of teeth). I assume this was probably on account of editing room floor misfortune, but it was at least in part on account of real missteps in the L/Dualla portrayal amounting to a very underwhelming sell job. In the end, the viewer was provided no basis for L to go back to D, other than the post-hoc Romo characterization of “Stoic attempt to baptize himself anew by purging Kara and relinquishing all that need/love once and for all.” And K, in scenes with L and Sam, brought sort of a strange affect to the party: solemn-but-wooden, a little vacant, ambiguous in an entirely too cryptic way (Unless you were holding out on us – one hopes! If that was simply pre-Maelstrom, Kara-Thrace-destiny-fulfillment build-up, this had better be good.).

But I think I’ve solved it, and in only a few brushstrokes. Tell me where to email it – I’ll sleep better knowing you scrutinized my solution and discarded for better.

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