Sunday, April 08, 2007

Fletcher Hanks ANIMATED

I've been reporting on the genius of 40's comic book artist (and, according to his surviving son, mean S.O.B.) Fletcher Hanks for some time now. His crude, surreal comic strips will soon be gracing bookshelves nationwide ("I Shall Destroy All The Civilized Planets!" from Fantagraphic Books), but here's something to hold you over until the book hits the streets. That's right, a Clutch Cargo-esque animated cartoon, taken directly from a Fletcher Hanks STARDUST tale. Watch it until your eyes bleed!

Added at 6:00 PM --

Since posting the above, I've had a chance to compare the cartoon to the actual STARDUST strip, and to my slight disappointment, rewrites have ensued. I'm not quite sure why, since the original, unvarnished STARDUST is insane enough for a dozen cartoons, but there you go. It's still worth a look to check out the mastery of Mr. Hanks' graphical artistry, but it's not pure Hanks.


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