Sunday, March 18, 2007


So yes, the series has been plagued by delays and artistic change-ups, but here's the good news:

SUPERMAN/BATMAN #33, the climax of the enormous six issue "ENEMIES AMONG US" story, is done, at the printer, fini, shipping ASAP! Art by Joe Benitez! Story by me! Aliens, explosions, blackrocks, all kinds of action and adventure. There's even an extra page (23 as opposed to the usual 22).

Meanwhile, SUPERMAN/BATMAN #34, which launches a new storyline involving the Man O' Steel, the Man O' Not-Steel and a bunch of METAL MEN who are various alloys EXCEPT Steel. Art by Pat Lee, the first issue is by yours truly, then the next two are from a plot by moi, script by Marc Guggenheim. Click the link below for a preview of the artwork from the first issue!

Ssuperheroes, aliens, robots, a surprise villain and (wha?) it's actually ON TIME. Check it out!


Blogger Michael Bailey said...

Thanks for the update on SUPERMAN/BATMAN. I'm glad the title is getting back on track.

5:49 PM  

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