Saturday, March 10, 2007


Mark Evanier has been extolling the virtues of Otto Preminger's tour de force SKIDOO for months now, pleading with Paramount to release this 1968 masterpiece to DVD. Check Mark's latest comments (with a link to 3 minutes of SKIDOO madness) here:

The clip only teases the madness that follows. A very cranky Jackie Gleason plays "Harry", a hit man for the mob, Carol Channing is his wife and Groucho Marx plays a rather elderly "God." The plot of the movie is impossible to describe, but I think it's supposed to be a comedy. Either way, we're talking about a movie where Jackie Gleason's character drops acid in prison and has an extended surreal "trip" involving Mickey Rooney, followed by the skeletal Channing stripping to her bra and panties to entice some goons. Between that, there are song and dance numbers, a murder and more thoroughly bizarre events.

In other words, yes. IT'S THAT GOOD. Apparently the Preminger estate has no interest in seeing Skidoo back in circulation, but this crime against art must be rectified.

Skidoo Skidoo!


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