Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Battlestar Galactica Gets LONGER

I'm told that the big third season finale, CROSSROADS Part 2 (written by yours truly, directed by Michael Rymer) will run five minutes longer than most episodes, so if you're TiVoing or recording the show, better make sure to adjust your clock accordingly. Trust me, if you miss the last five minutes, you will be missing some rather profound and significant plot points.

Meanwhile, this Sunday's episode, "The Son Also Rises", introduces a new character into the BSG pantheon as the trial of Gaius Baltar begins in earnest. You think Maelstrom was big, well, prepare yourself... the rocket sled is just picking up speed.

SUNDAY nights at 10:00PM on the Sci-Fi Channel!


Anonymous yodapillz said...

sounds like the last 5 minutes are going to have big cliffhanger moments topping last season's episode. Howard Stern has become a HUGE Battlestar fan and has been talking about the show everyday now. I'm sure we'll hear his feedback the following monday after this last episode airs. any news when the DVD movie is coming out? Jan. 2008 is too long to wait for season 4....

10:02 PM  
Blogger Darth said...

Who decided which characters would be Cylons?

Did you, or was this handed down from Moore/Eick?

6:42 PM  

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