Saturday, April 07, 2012

Snarling Bum On The Cover? It Must Be "A Ditko" #16!

As long as Steve (Spider-Man) Ditko and publisher Robin Snyder keep printing 'em, I'll keep reviewing and recommending! Issue #16 features "The Madman", "The Celebrity", "The Cape," "The Outline" and "Hero."

"Hero" opens with a cigar-chomping hood hiring a fur-clad goon called "The Caveman" to stop other gangs from "poaching on other gang's territory." Caveman finds another gang and says "Your poaching days are over! You'll learn to stay in line!" He proceeds to beat the gang to a pulp, finishing with "You need another lesson, you'll get it. NO MORE POACHING!" Then a costumed hero (whose name I guess is "hero") shows up just when Cavemen decides to take over all the gangs for himself. Hero pounds Caveman. In the last two panels, cops show up off a "tip" and note that "we got a real haul. Bust, broke top gang, crooked politician, enforcer!" "Who did it?" "Guess..." The end!

You can order your own copy from the site below... you know you want it!


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