Sunday, April 15, 2012

My Arrest Record

Apparently it's on-line, or so I have been led to believe by the multiple spam messages I've been getting. I never cease to be impressed (in a dark, humans-sure-do-creepy-shit way) by the imaginations of spammers trying to collect clicks. I have not explored my on-line arrest record, but I'm guessing it's rather sparse since I've yet to be arrested for anything. However, the day is still young...

I assume if I did click on the link, I would be taken to a site selling Viagra (per my other most frequent spam, "A Powerful Sex Life Is What All Men Need!") or maybe just drop-kicked with a computer virus that would create some other kind of havoc. I'm almost nostalgic for the ol' Nigerian scams, which were at least vaguely creative...


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