Thursday, April 12, 2012

Paul Chadwick On Thomas Kinkade

My pal Paul remembers his former roommate... plus extra bonus photos of the legendary "Golden Palms" apartment complex, where I lived for almost five glorious years after moving to Los Angeles. Boy did THOSE images bring back memories...


Blogger Muldfeld said...

Mr. Chadwick's telling of how pompous Kinkade was reminds me of a schoolmate in Grade 9, who thought he was an amazing artist. He later became a much nicer person when I saw him again in Grade 11, but, at the time, he was kind of a jerk.

Anyway, he gives me this picture he drew, over the course of perhaps an hour, at the end of the school day, and said without any hint of kidding, "That's gonna be worth something some day." Politely, I just said "uh, okay"; I didn't really care and put it in my binder. One minute later, he comes back to my locker and says, "Actually, since that's gonna be worth something some day, I need it back." I was shocked. First, what artist keeps their own early work on the basis that she or he'll sell it for a fortune; I've just never heard of that. Second, it wasn't that good and I didn't even want it in the first place and didn't care, so I handed it back to him and was just happy for this priceless story I can tell to the end of my days.

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