Wednesday, January 28, 2009

What's Coming Up, BATTLESTAR and HEROES

It's been a crazy busy time and I've been neglecting my poor blog... but it can get in line with a lot of other "not work related" stuff. Among other events:

THIS FRIDAY, "The Oath", my scripting swan song for Battlestar Galactica. Things get busy on Galactica as bullets start flying. Getting comfortable with the characters, feeling like you have a handle on where things are going? Watch out.

With any luck, I'll be answering questions for the wonderful Mo Ryan at the Chicago Tribune after the show runs. Mo's been offering a running appraisal of the final season that's definitely worth checking out.

Re: Heroes, I just taped a video commentary for "Trust & Blood" with director Allan Arkush. In the words of Daffy Duck, "MAAAKE UP!" This was my first Heroes script and it'll air Feb. 9. I'm told the commentary is up on the website by midnight after the first run (and will be on the blu-ray release), so there you go.

My second Heroes show is shooting "as I write", episode #322 of that august series. Yes, the train that is television just keeps a rollin'...

My Name Is Bruce will be out on DVD and glorious blu-ray Feb. 10 and if every American household were to buy a copy, I could retire! (Who cheered?)

And there is a lot of activity on the feature screenplay front that I will be discussing "soon." Watch this space...