Friday, June 06, 2008

Tonight on Battlestar Galactica: THE HUB!

Things get stickier yet for the Cylons and our rag-tag fleet in tonight's episode, "The Hub." That's Battlestar Galactica, FRIDAY NIGHT at 10PM on the Sci-Fi Channel!

And next week, the season 4.0 finale... you will get zero spoilers from me, but the lucky eight hundred with tickets will be getting a sneak preview at the Los Angeles Times Emmy event being held at the Arclight Cinema in Los Angeles on June 11. There will be a big-screen presentation of the next week's episode (in the Cinerama Dome, cool!), along with a panel discussion by varied and sundry. I'll be in the crowd along with most of the BSG writing staff, enjoying the show with everyone else.

Meanwhile, shooting continues on the last few episodes of season 4.1 as we march inexorably toward the finish line. (Someone should whistle "Col. Bogie's March" from Bridge Over The River Kwai here.)