Tuesday, June 10, 2008


It's a busy week for those in BSG-ville. Wednesday night a cluster o'BSG folk and a bunch of press and fans will gather at the Cinerama Dome in Hollywood to watch the half-season finale on the big screen, followed by comments from unspecified folks on the dias (if I knew who was going to be on stage, I'd tell you!). Who knows, there might even be a surprise or two in store for those in attendance. Me? I like surprises.

These screenings are always a blast. It's great to see the show with an appreciative audience with big 'ol projection. And it's inevitably more fun working on a show when your stuff is on the air.

Anyway, this week's episode, Revelations (written by David Weddle and Bradley Thompson), follows up on last week's events with some developments that will rock the BSG world. I won't spill any beans, you'll see it soon enough, except to say that by the end of the show, you'll have some idea of the challenges facing the rag-tag fleet as the next and final batch of episodes unfold. (As to when they'll unfold, I have no idea...)