Thursday, June 12, 2008

Battlestar Galactica At The Dome 6/11/08

Wow, what a great night. A fantastic crowd was on hand to enjoy a singularly exciting episode of Battlestar Galactica appropriately titled "Revelations." If the embargo on spoilers is actually being honored elsewhere (thanx, Ain't It Cool Guys!) you're certainly not going to get any outta me, but... I've seen the mid-season finale many times, and the power of watching it unfold on the big (make that huge) screen was, well, revelatory. Give writers David Weddle and Bradley Thompson and director Michael Rymer a big hand. BSG has always been a group effort, but they took this baby home and knocked it outta the park, along with the best cast and crew working in television, bar none.

After the screening and panel (well covered elsewhere, like the aforementioned Ain't It Cool News site), assorted BSG folks gathered at the Arclight's lounge and chatted into the almost-wee hours. I had a very nice talk with BSG booster and all around good guy Zak Penn (see his movie THE HULK tomorrow!), and fun conversation with some of the show's very enthusiastic fans.

Anyhow, don't believe me, or Herc at Ain't It Cool -- watch it yourself! Friday night, 10:00PM, Sci-Fi Channel!