Sunday, June 01, 2008

Entertainment Weekly Hearts... TIMECOP!

Of all the reviews I might have expected in the 6/6/2008 edition of Entertainment Weekly, a rave for my movie TIMECOP would be low on the list. But there it is, "Damme Good". To quote the obviously perceptive, albeit somewhat tardy critic, Chris Nashawaty:

Take 1994's TIMECOP, a sci-fi mindfreak every bit as awesome as Total Recall or Blade Runner. Just re-released as part of a two-disc "Quadruple Feature Van Damme Fight Pack," along with his Hard Target, Street Fighter, and The Quest - TIMECOP is twisty, smarter than it has any right to be, and lousy with neck-snappin' Belgian justice. Yes, Ron Silver nearly steals the show as an oily Senator who exploits a secret government time-travel program, sending his goons back to 1863 to steal Confederate gold. But it's Van Damme as the decade-jumping cop nursing the memory of a murdered wife (Ferris Bueller's Mia Sara) who sells both the film's punches and pathos. In a just world, I imagine JCVD warping back in time 14 years to accept out apologies.

As awesome as Blade Runner?! (Hey, he said it, not me!)

Anyhow, the new DVD is also the first time (other than laserdisc and the recently released and instantly outmoded HD disc) the movie's actually been available in widescreen, another bonus. And this only proves you never know. Perhaps a critical re-evaluation of my student film, John Boy Meets The Texas Chainsaw Killer (no kidding) is still in the offing...

Van Damme Action Pack Quadruple Feature (Timecop / Hard Target / Street Fighter / The Quest)