Tuesday, December 11, 2007

You Know You Have Too Much Stuff When...

I've been "taking advantage" of my enforced strike-based hiatus to go through my varied and sundry pop culture collections, startled to discover that I have purchased and repurchased any number of DVDs, CDs and funny books over the last few years. It's beginning to get ridiculous; I was bidding for a CHARLEY VARRICK one sheet on eBay (one of my favorite movies, see it!) and lost to a last minute sniper. And lucky I did, because a few days later I found a sweet VARRICK one-sheet tucked under some other movie stuff in a forgotten nook.

I've actually reached the point where it's sometimes easier to buy something again than to try and find it in the stacks of the Verheiden, *ahem*, "estate." I am hoping to rectify that this Winter with a serious purge. I'm talking about a Stalin-like campaign to pare down, clean, free up shelf space, etc. Maybe even find room to hang that cool VARRICK poster...


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