Saturday, December 08, 2007

WGA Strike - Days 32, 33, 34

Well, THAT didn't go so well, did it? Talks have collapsed once again between the AMPTP and the WGA, with press releases, charges and counter-charges flying left and right. I've added both Deadline Hollywood and the United Hollywood blogs to my blog-list to the right. For details on the recriminations, these sites convey the lowdown better than any truncated version I could cobble up.

So how does this lowly "writer in the trenches" feel about all this? I would much prefer to get back to work, of course, but on the other hand, I've always had this problem with authority figures. (Thank goodness none of this comes across in my work on BATTLESTAR GALACTICA). I also don't like being gamed, and when the AMPTP back-channel informs reporter Nikke Finke that they plan to orchestrate a walk-out a week before it actually happens, regardless of progress, well, suddenly I feel like I'm in a David Mamet play and Mamet isn't allowing any ad-libs! I'm also a little baffled how a business that is all about making complicated deals can't figure out a way to make this one, and that goes for both sides.

Oh well. It's back to the picket line, and the hope that cooler heads will prevail and get everyone back to the table (and more importantly, to work) ASAP...


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