Tuesday, August 28, 2012

WTF? Todd Akin edition

"Legitimate rape" was despicable, but this new claim by happy go lucky Republican Rep Todd Akin is just friggin' weird... 


Remind yourself that this fine fellow is on a House Science committee...

IMPORTANT UPDATE: Oops.  This was satire.  Excellent satire, in that I was totally fooled. Damn you Daily Currant!  I would apologize to Rep. Akin but he really DID say the nonsense about legitimate rape, so... correction, yes. Apology, nahhh....


Blogger Muldfeld said...

This is quite shocking. I actually didn't know exactly what he had said about "legitimate rape"; it's one thing to imply a woman is asking for it, but to then think a woman's body can shut down pregnancy is absolutely insane. I'm gonna take a guess and say he sucked at Science class in high school and didn't even try Chemistry or Biology.

Even more shocking and revealing of his egomania is that he had the gall to say lesbians can be cured of homosexuality by "drinking something else. I'll leave that to your imagination." Someone has clearly confused porn fantasies with reality.

12:28 PM  
Blogger Muldfeld said...

I'm starting to wonder if all these "views" are related to his behavior or some kind of prospective insanity plea.

A woman doesn't like him, so he rapes her only it's not "rape" or he thinks she's "clearly a lesbian" so he forges ahead and tries to "cure" her.

3:00 PM  

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