Saturday, August 25, 2012

Springsteen Under The Tower

Okay, it doesn't get much better than this.  A pre-show meet and greet with Little Steven courtesy of my friends at Netflix (Lilyhammer, Netflix, Hemlock Grove, Netflix -- thanks again Peter!).  A great time talking with a couple of new/old biz friends (hi Karen and Lucia!).  And finally enjoying a 3hr 45min. Bruce Springsteen concert with my pal Aaron Douglas in an outdoor stadium under the stars, with Toronto's CN Tower looming overhead.

Bruce was in good spirits and the show was, no surprise, incredible.  Highlights for me included a rare acoustic piano version of Incident on 57th St., a killer version of Murder Incorporated, and a fiery Badlands than ripped the joint apart.  But that's like pulling slightly larger nuggets of gold out of a sack full of the yellow stuff.

There is of course the obligatory "how the hell does he do it at 62!?" remark, but frankly the stamina of the entire band is pretty astounding.  Watching drummer Max Weinberg pound away for nearly four hours made ME tired, and I was just standing there.

This really isn't much of a review... sometimes its just about acknowledging that this guy is a treasure.  And keeping my fingers crossed he keeps hitting the stair-master and returns to the stage for years to come...  


Blogger Muldfeld said...

I'm glad you had a great time.

My last time at the stadium was showing up at 5 pm before the doors opened and then waiiting 3 hours just for the awful opening act, Snow Patrol, and then another half hour for U2. The entire time, I had to guard my space and this huge guy tried to barge past me and I kept feeling his stomach press against my back the whole show. To avoid going to the bathroom, I always have to basically starve and not drink the whole day and my ankles and feet are killing me the whole time. Insane pain! (And that's without having to deal with obnoxious fans singing and screaming during the songs so I can't hear subtleties, flailing their arms and cameras in front of my view so I can barely see. Worrying about that's the most stressful part.)

I don't know how you or any other audience members do it at any age!

12:22 PM  

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