Saturday, August 18, 2012

Catching Up...

It is clear I will never be a world class blogger... I allow small things like life and 16 hour workdays to interfere with my blog regimen.  Anyhow, just to catch up on things:

Work continues at a feverish pace on HEMLOCK GROVE, the episodic project I'm currently doing for Netflix, Gaumont Studio and a hopefully eager public.  Details are mostly under wraps for the time being, but I suspect you'll start seeing some peeks and hints soon.   But here's a super-duper spoiler for you: one of our locations has a lot of mosquitoes.   Yes. flying creatures have bitten me repeatedly in the name of art, but THAT'S the sacrifice I'm willing to make to bring you folks some fabulous entertainment.   You're welcome.   

Season two of FALLING SKIES concludes this weekend.  My scribin' swan song was last week with the episode called "The Price Of Greatness" and I can't wait to see the finished version of the finale. Ha ha, I know what happens and you don't (until Sunday night in the U.S. anyhow).  I love Canada and the Canadian people (where I'm currently based for Hemlock) but spit ugly Romanian curses that F.S. isn't available on non-"Super Channel" television here. 

Sad news that comics legend Joe Kubert passed away at age 85.  I've always been a great fan of Kubert's work, most notably his Sgt. Rock stories.  And I have a real affection for his early work, especially golden age Hawkman and some gorgeous love/movie star comics he did for St. Johns in the early 50's.  These feature layouts as bold and inventive as Will Eisner, combined with Kubert's incredibly powerful style.  By the way, a couple of friends felt compelled to inform me that they were never into Kubert's work, but they (hi J. and S.) are hopeless neanderthals. 

The Springsteen channel on Sirius Radio has been playing many concerts from his current 2012 tour, and I think the eventual question is going to be, great tour?  Or greatest tour ever?  Somehow at 62 this guy is at the top of his game, doing 3 1/2 hour to insane 4+ hour shows (!) without intermission.  I couldn't do his intermission without an intermission.  Anyway, I could use a Bruce injection and so I guess it's good timing that he's coming to Toronto Aug. 24 (see you there!), then nearby Hamilton Ontario in October (maybe see you there!).

There you go... all the news that's fit to print...

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