Saturday, January 21, 2012

Penultimate! I Like That Word!

...because I'm currently writing the penultimate episode of Falling Skies season two. I don't think it spills any beans to announce the title, "The Price of Greatness," or to report that it involves, well, the 2nd Mass and stuff. I haven't been posting a lot of info about the upcoming season of F.S. because virtually any content I might spill would constitute a spoiler, but I can say that I've seen cuts of multiple episodes and this season definitely continues to kick (alien) butt. Many surprises are on tap, both from the sci-fi perspective and emotionally between our characters.

I just tweeted that I was looking forward to a rainy writing day this morning, but then the sun came out. Given the weather in the rest of the country, bitching about sunshine may seem a bit untoward. Still, I do love cloudy/rainy days in Southern California. Growing up in Oregon, cloudy/wet was the default until I moved South, and somehow light precipitation still feels more "homey" than sunny and 80. Plus a constant drizzle lowers the impetus to work-avoid, as in visiting the beach, shopping in an open air mall or going out for lunch. In fact it leaves me stuck with the last refuge of writerly work avoidance, my blog! So back to it --


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