Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jaw, Say Hello To Floor

My friend Mark Evanier linked to this article from his blog (, calling it "the stupidest option column anyone has ever written." I think Mark undersold it.


Blogger Muldfeld said...

This guy Ablow should have his title of psychiatrist removed! I sympathize with any patient of his that isn't a white Christian or Jewish man; he must make anyone who doesn't fit into that socially dominant category feel like crap.

I remember years ago, hearing that Syndey Blumenthal thought Gingrich secretly wished he had lived Bill Clinton's '60s culture life. Well, I guess he was trying to live this shallow dream the whole time. He's not just a worthless piece of garbage who has no shame. He's the ultimate hypocrite -- like, apparently, all these rightists who talked about the sanctity of marriage to attack cheating Democrats or to bash gays. None of that matters or has ever mattered to them -- much like the claim to desire "small government."

I remember the one, awful time I went on a cruise, it was 1996 and I had a Clinton/Gore '96 pin on (I'm embarrassed I ever supported those guys.), and this conservative family from Tennessee sitting with us were nice enough but clearly offended; the husband and my dad laughed condescendingly at my assertion that the government needs taxes, and the wife told my mother about how she was sure Hillary Clinton had Vince Foster killed. Such feigned outrage. I'm sure they're voting for Gingrich or Santorum or something unconscionable now.

These are people without honor. At least when I have a political view, I try to be honest about it. I remember campaigning in the last Canadian federal election and right wing people would lie to me and tell with seeming sincerity that the reason they hated the Liberal Party leader Michael Ignatieff (and there are many legitimate reasons) is because his wife (who wasn't a citizen yet) couldn't vote yet and that that really bugged them. This clearly wasn't the reason! These are the same kinds of folks who had "We Support the Troops" signs on their lawns, even though there are not many Canadians serving abroad. "Battlestar Galactica"'s Cavil has more honor than these guys.

It makes me so angry to see Gingrich gain esteem from anything. I hate him so much. And this guy Ablow is just another feigner of outrage; I'm sure he gossiped plenty about Bill Clinton's sex acts, and I hate Bill Clinton, so it makes me even angrier that they put me in the position of half-defending the guy.

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