Friday, January 13, 2012

Bastard Speaks FRENCH?!!

Really? Now understanding/speaking a foreign language is a line of attack for the Republican candidates? I'm no Romney fan, but even I'll give him a pass 'cause he can do speechin' like some damn Frenchie.


Blogger Muldfeld said...

On a related note, Canada's fascistic Prime Minister has attacked one of the major New Democratic Party leadership candidates, Thomas Mulcair, for (shock!) being a dual citizen of both Canada (where he was born) and France, which he got by marrying his French wife. It's one thing to bash French-speaking in America, but quite another to bash French identity in a country founded by the French (at least Quebec was long before the English beat them), only to be discriminated against by the English, which never upheld its end of the bargain of giving them equal political power or ensuring its citizens learn both languages. I think I'd rather have Mitt Romney than Stephen Harper.

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