Sunday, December 04, 2011

Shock Cinema #41 & Mineshaft #27

With the internet killing small publishers left and right, it's time to treasure the small press we've got left. Especially when we're talking mags as great as Shock Cinema and Mineshaft.

First the movies. Shock Cinema editor Steven Puchalski gathers/writes dozens of reviews of incredibly obscure movies, as well as publishing some great interviews with intriguing people. The latest issue features a long interview with Nancy Allen (of Carrie and Robocop fame), Burton Gilliam (the grinning Deputy from Blazing Saddles and the "New York City?!!" salsa ad guy) and several others. (Gilliam's story is especially great, he was a fireman in Texas when on a lark he auditioned for a small role in Paper Moon and landed it. A few months later, Mel Brooks saw a rough cut of Moon and insisted on getting Gilliam for Blazing Saddles, but Gilliam couldn't get enough vacation time from the fire department and... well, buy the magazine and read the piece!)

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Mineshaft is a comics-ish magazine with plenty of new work by Robert Crumb (always welcome) and lots and lots of eclectic artwork by others, as well as text stories. This issue features a lengthy piece on the various styles in which you can draw Emily Dickinson (!) and a selection of Crumb's "Dream Diaries." Limited to 900 copies, $9.00 a pop and highly recommended. Most of the back issues are still available and well worth checking out.

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