Monday, December 19, 2011

Battlestar Addiction - Portlandia Edition

It's true, you can't watch just one episode. Maybe it's something about growing up in Portland (like me). When I was getting ready to meet Ron Moore and David Eick to discuss working on BSG starting with season two, I got the discs for season one and figured I'd watch one (yes, I had missed the first season!) and... compulsively watched the entire first season in a weekend. Thank goodness I didn't have to watch all FOUR seasons...


Blogger Muldfeld said...

"Battlestar Galactica" has to be, next to "Millennium" Season 1, the greatest first season of any show.

May I ask why the writer's staff from Season 1 left in the 2nd half of Season 2? Although Jeff Vlaming wrote an episode in the 2nd half of Season 2, Carla Robinson, Dawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, and the amazing Toni Graphia were gone by the time you and Anne Coffell-Saunders came aboard at the end of the first half of Season 2.

I especially loved Graphia's work and she went on to do really good work (much better than that of head writer Josh Friedman) on "Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles". I always wanted to know what happened to have such a massive change, when things seemed to be going great.

I also wondered if the lessened use of Head Six had to do with more guy writers feeling awkward about writing all those sexy scenes she had with Baltar, when they were ever-present among a mostly female writing staff's output, early on. Or is it that only Ron Moore was willing to do that stuff and the sexiness of Head Six early on was because he was doing more rewrites in that first season?

11:54 PM  
Blogger Mark Verheiden said...

I appreciate your interest in BSG history but these questions are really more appropriate for Ron Moore and/or David Eick. That said, I totally agree with your qualifier, Toni Graphia IS amazing!

8:19 AM  

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