Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This Is Fun...

I blogged a few months ago about an intriguing project I found over at Kickstarter.com. Janice Whaley decided to sing the lyrics and backing "instrumentals" of every "Smiths" song ever recorded, and was looking for backers to help her complete her project.

I'll be honest, I don't think I have a single "Smiths" CD in my library, but I heard a couple of the samples and found them mesmerizing. Now Janice has oversold the project enough to produce a super-cool six CD box set. Her note to her Kickstarter contributors is below, and hopefully the music will be made available to a wider audience as the set is finally unleashed.

The Smiths Project Box Set ends with mind-bogglingly successful funding!
By Janice Whaley

Dear friends!

The Smiths Project box set funding has officially ended and
I am simply overwhelmed by the level of support that has poured in over the
past few months. I really thought that
it would take three months to generate $3,500 but clearly I underestimated the
enthusiasm for the music, having reached that goal in the first few days and
ending more than 530% funded. I am so
excited to have the opportunity to make a really amazing box set. No more jewel case CD set for this
project! The 6 digi-pack CDs will be
housed in a beautiful custom box- everything amazingly designed by The Mystery
Parade and remastered by Ryan Coseboom of Stripmall Architecture.

I am currently proof-reading text and compiling lists of kickstarter
backers for inclusion in the liner notes.
Everything is in place for purchasing royalties, CDs, and posters. Things are about to happen!

Thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your
generosity. I am
astounded and humbled beyond belief. I simply can not wait to send you the box sets as soon as they are made.

All of my love and gratitude!