Wednesday, March 23, 2011


Clip to use when you land a gig writing "House" --

# 6PFP - 6-pack and a fishing pole, as in "this patient doesn't need chemo, he needs 6PFP." - Usually referring to an end-stage patient who should go die somewhere else.
# 404 moment - The point in a doctor's ward round when medical records cannot be located. Comes from HTTP 404 error "Not Found".[3]
# AGMI - Ain't Gonna Make It
# Agnostication - A substitute for prognostication. Term used to describe the usually vain attempt to answer the question: "How long have I got, doc?" [3]
# ART - Assuming Room Temperature (dying)
# ATS - Acute Thespian Syndrome (the patient is faking illness)
# Baby Catcher - an obstetrician [4]

And there are dozens more. Thanks to Andrew Sullivan's site
for the heads up.

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