Monday, February 14, 2011

San Diego Con Memories...

At the link below writer/artist Evan Dorkin offers some fond memories of the San Diego ComicCon from years past, specifically 1987-ish. I was there but since I was just barely in the biz at the time (the first issue of my first comic, The American, was released right around that convention) I missed most of the parties and the excitement... or did I? I vaguely remember some hotel room antics, but *sigh*, it's all so long ago. I certainly would have remembered my pal and American artist Chris Warner picking up a chair to fend off some punk kids.

Last year around this time I posted something about how the convention had become just too big and complicated to navigate and that I probably wouldn't go. Then I went to work on a little show called "Falling Skies" and suddenly I was doing a panel and some interviews and other stuff. Between that, seeing old friends and enjoying the San Diego weather, I had a great time. And frankly, for me, it's NOT that complicated to attend the show these days. I live within driving distance, as an Inkpot Award winner I have a free pass for life, and (because of the recession?) rooms at the closest hotels are still available, albeit for a price. So I'm all booked up.

I have no idea what I'll be doing at the show this year professionally, but barring disaster I'll be there doing something... meanwhile, for a taste of the way it was, check out the link: