Monday, February 15, 2010

Things I Learned On The Internet - 2/15/10

From memory...

Someone named "Snooki" is naked.

Kiefer Sutherland is having a cyst removed.

Doug Fieger, lead singer of "The Knack", died Sunday of cancer. He was 57.

Kevin Smith was thrown off a Southwest Airlines flight because he was too fat. He then twittered about it.

A pregnant woman was refused water on a parked Spirit Airlines flight, then her and her Doctor husband were removed from the plane when they complained.

On "This Week", former Vice President Dick Cheney said he supported waterboarding of terrorist suspects during the Bush administration, which according to at least two bloggers (one of whom was Andrew Sullivan) means he just confessed to a war crime.

There is a new documentary on the British band Dr. Feelgood due to be released. (I like Dr. Feelgood.)

Dale Hawkins, rockabilly singer and composer of "Suzie-Q", died today.

There are regular CD-Rs and then there are "Archival Gold" CD-Rs that are supposed to last for 300 years. Guess which are more expensive?

I think I've learned enough for today...