Thursday, February 18, 2010

Things I Learned On The Internet - 2/18/10

Dan Didio and Jim Lee have been named co-publishers and Geoff Johns has been named Chief Creative Officer for DC Comics, all of which strike me as remarkably wise choices.

A bunch of Americans won medals in the Olympics yesterday. I believe there were other countries involved in the games as well.

Something called CPAC (Conservative Political Action Committee) is meeting in Washington D.C. for the next few days. This is evidently where the great minds of the conservative movement gather to discuss weighty issues. One of the attractions is a pinata with Nancy Pelosi's face on it.

Roger Ebert is doing some of the best writing of his career these days, much of it on his journal. These aren't movie reviews (well, I guess some are), but reveries on his life, the world and "etc." Check out the latest at

Liz Chaney is not ruling out running for President.

A man angry with the IRS smashed his plane into an IRS office in Austin after setting his house on fire. He was an unemployed software engineer.

I didn't learn this on the internet, but I'm on jury duty for the next few days, hence less internet knowledge than usual.