Sunday, November 22, 2009

Proof Of Goodness In The World Vol. 9!

So much good stuff, so little time...

It's awards season, which means SCREENERS! To quote our former President (in a slightly different context), "bring it on!"

Guitarist/songwriter Jaime Hoover has a new CD, "English Afterthought" with Steve Stoeckel. Hoover was/is a member of The Spongetones, has played often with Don Dixon, and knocks another one out of the park with this classic poppy-rock release. Available from the fine folks at

Buddy Holly's "Not Fade Away", a brand new, definitive 6 CD collection of his studio recordings. In large format with an informative book and many photos. A very nice limited edition from the fine folks at

Strange Suspense, the Steve Ditko Archives Vol. 1. A 230 page collection of comic artist Steve Ditko's earliest and most demented work, mostly from pre-code horror comics from the mid-50's. (Hopefully most of the folks reading this know Ditko co-created Spider-Man and that he continues to draw to this day.) In full color and shot from the original books, it's a typically elegant production from the folks at Fantagraphics Books.

The Book Of Genesis, illustrated by Robert Crumb. An interesting choice of subject matter, but Crumb's work has never been better. There's an affordable hardcover and a deluxe boxed signed swanky edition, I got mine via Amazon...

More goodness soon!