Sunday, November 08, 2009

Proof Of Goodness In The World Vol. 8!

So much goodness, so little time!

Hard Times, the first movie directed by Walter Hill, starring Charles Bronson and James Coburn, now in high-def! The MGM-HD channel has been showing some great 70's movies, including incredibly gritty stuff like Hickey & Boggs (with Robery Culp and Bill Cosby as two of the seediest private eyes ever!) and Across 110th Street, which practically requires a shower after viewing.

Silverado is out on blu-ray! A great Western with an excellent cast and a stand-out performance by Brian Dennehy as the bad guy you kind of like except for the "killing innocent people" thing.

The original Prisoner, starring the late, great Patrick McGoohan, is out in blu-ray! I have no idea if the new series will work (the promos look pretty great), but the original is still fun and chock full of 60's paranoia/insanity.

Bright Midnight, the special "Doors only" label from Rhino, is releasing a bunch of great live Doors material! Sound quality is great and that Jim Morrison was kind of wacky...

Reggae great Fred Locks has a new CD out called Glorify The Lord that brings him back to the sound of his first and best release, Black Star Liners. And that's good!

Bruce Springsteen is STILL on tour, and he's breaking up his set list and doing entire albums on this last lap. Last night in Madison Square Garden, it was his second record, The Wild, The Innocent & The E Street Shuffle. Tonight he's doing the entire double album, The River. I am now in favor of a nationwide supersonic bullet train that could get from me the West Coast to the East Coast in time to see this... but alas...

The House actually passed a health care reform bill!

More goodness soon!!