Friday, October 23, 2009

Proof Of Goodness In The World #7

So much goodness, so little time...

The amazing, six hour Monty Python documentary that's been running on IFC this week! It puts the "d" in definitive. And I'm reminded just how tenuous this crazy show biz racket can be... both Holy Grail and Life Of Brian nearly derailed at the last minute when their financing disappeared.

Tim Finn's North South East West, an Anthology. A new 2 CD compilation of Tim's greatest, from the Split Enz years through solo, Crowded House, Finn Brothers and "etc."! Great stuff.

Elvis Costello's Live At The El Macambo. Actually, not this CD so much (the concert was released with a EC box-set years ago), but the promise of more live Costello shows to come in a new "performance" series of releases!

The Unforgiven on CD! Not the Clint Eastwood movie, but a short-lived band from the 80's that did a strange amalgam of power-pop crossed with Morricone-styled spaghetti Western music. Gee, wonder why that didn't catch on? But I like it!

Bonanza (the TV series) is finally being released "authoritatively" on DVD! Season One is out now!

More goodness to come...