Tuesday, October 13, 2009

About Those HEROES Ratings...

Well, what do you know... a little ray o' sunshine from the Oct. 12 New York Times...

Hold the farewell parties for “Heroes.”

The NBC drama looked as if it were about to fade into oblivion based on the same-day ratings for its first couple of episodes this fall. But when results from the playback of the show over a seven-day period on digital video recorders were released Monday, the picture for “Heroes,” as well as almost half of the shows on network television, brightened considerably.

The overall audience for “Heroes” grew by 26 percent from the numbers that were reported the day after its premiere episode was shown two weeks ago; more significant, among the viewers NBC most cares about, ages 18 to 49, “Heroes” jumped from a 2.8 rating to a 3.7, well above the average for network programs.

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