Saturday, October 10, 2009

Proof Of Goodness In The World #6

Time flies when you're... working a lot. Suffice to say the Verheiden beak has been to the grindstone, irons are in the fire, coffee's been spilling down the throat, "etc." But that doesn't mean there still isn't goodness in the world. To wit --

Meeting up with most of the BSG writing staff at Musso and Franks! We see each other frequently, but this was fun...

...especially considering the thirst-quenching Manhattans (as in the mixed drink) at Musso and Franks! Extra bonus, Jane got to eat all the cherries!

Cheap Trick's latest album, "The Latest", is available on vinyl and, believe it or not, eight track! Yes, that's right, eight track! I expect the Edison Cylinder edition any day now...

Audition the movie on Blu-ray. It's even creepier in high def! "Deeper deeper deeper..."

The song "Baker Street" by Gerry Rafferty! Love that crazy sax solo.

Lover's Who Wander by the Del-Lords is being reissued with extra tracks! Due out in a week!

Dwight Twilley Rarities Vol. 6! Twilley is a power-popper who's been issuing a blitz of material on his own label, and this is just the latest and greatest! Available from

Roger Ebert's blog! Ebert's been writing some wonderful memoir-type pieces about his earlier days in Chicago journalism, along with some hard hitting political commentary.

More goodness soon!