Monday, July 30, 2007

San Diego ComicCon 2007 - Aftermath

So San Diego 2007 was the usual exhausting but invigorating whirl of parties, panels and bumping into old and new friends. Highlights for yours truly:

I scored an invite to the world premiere of SHOOT 'EM UP, the upcoming Clive Owen action picture, and sat directly in front of Mr. Owen during the screening. SHOOT 'EM UP was produced by my pals Don Murphy and Susan Montford, and here's my early pre-review: WOW. Just when you think there isn't a new action scene under the sun, SHOOT comes up with five or six insane set pieces, along with a bodycount that rivals 300.

Each of my panels were fun in their own way, but most touching was the "Spotlight" panel, when the San Diego folks gave me an Inkpot Award for Lifetime Achievement. It was a total surprise, totally unexpected and greatly appreciated.

I wasn't on it, for obvious reasons, but the Women Of BSG panel wound up packing the convention's biggest hall and was a lot of fun. Yes, Lucy Lawless is coming back to BSG and her Cylon character, D'Anna, will play a pivotal role as we careen toward the conclusion...

I only came home with one box of old comics, but I found the usual slew of interesting/oddball books, including three issues of "Sue And Sally Smith - Flying Nurses!" (a nutty Charlton title from 1960), some in-your-face 40's era Fox Publishing Tarzan ripoffs like JO-JO and ZAGO, and many others.

And I guess I was lucky, too. The gaslamp district in downtown San Diego was a total zoo in the wee hours... follow the link for one man's unfortunate experience...

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