Monday, May 28, 2007

San Diego ComiCon And Me

The annual San Diego ComicCon/pop culture blow out is coming up fast (7/26-7/29), and as I mentioned a few months ago on this very blog, I'm a guest of the convention this year. Not quite sure what that entails yet, though I suspect I'll be doing a few panels, buying some old comics and saying hello to a lot of friends.

Tom Spurgeon at has an exhaustive guide to attending the show, and it's worth a quick look. Last year's attendance was well over 100,000, so simply getting into the hall can be an experience. I can recall seeing a line at least a half-mile long of people trying to buy tickets on a Saturday. Also, virtually every hotel in the city is sold out (though rooms do pop up as people cancel/change plans), so casually driving down for the weekend sans reservations is pretty much no longer an option.

Some ask if the show is more exhausting that enthralling these days. I think it depends on your expectations. If you're looking for a sedate four days to relax and rejuvenate, then you have come to exactly the WRONG place. But if you have an interest in pop culture, then prepare to be overwhelmed. Me, I still enjoy it. I've been to every show since 1983 and there have been a LOT of changes, but for fans of comics/anime/science fiction/television/movies/toys and much much more, it's mecca...


Blogger Rockin' Rich said...

Last time I went to San Diego, I saw you pushing Ben around in a stroller.... so it's been a while.

And MY Ben turns 21 next month. Yeesh....

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