Friday, May 18, 2007

No News Is...

Haven't posted for awhile, I've been in hunker-down mode writing "my" first BSG ep for season four, along with attending all the varied/sundry other duties that erupt when prodution kicks in.

CD and DVD wise, there's nothing much to report. Jason Falkner, of JELLYFISH renown, has a new CD out in Japan (!) called "I'm Okay, You're Okay" that on first sampling appears to be in the garoovy power pop mode of previous Falkner ventures. (Incidentally, the tunes he produced for PUFFY AMIYUMI are well worth seeking out, especially "Planet Tokyo").

And on the SQUEEZE front, there is yet another single-disc greatest hits CD collection, "Essential Squeeze", this time with a couple of previously unreleased tracks. And (just in the UK so far, so it's region 2) there's a new Squeeze DVD, also "Essential", with 24 videos and a complete concert from the early 80's. I'd offer a review, but I haven't had a chance to sample the wares quite yet...

Also, I'm told somebody threw a bottle at Neil Finn (!) during CROWDED HOUSE'S first concert since reuniting, this at the Coachilla festival in California. Wow. Nice crowd. As a lifetime member of the CROWDED HOUSE fanclub I have it on good authority that a series of less volatile venues have been chosen for the rest of the tour, coming this Summer.

Finally, umm, wassup with Elvis Costello doing Lexus ads?!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Since you like your 80's check out the new Rush CD .. also a heavily 80's like band Porcupine Tree (some of their stuff should be on BSG)

With all the remakes and Reimaginings , when is Starblazers or Space 1999 coming ??? HMMM
Chris Seattle

11:43 AM  
Blogger Neil said...

Have you checked out the first single from Crowded House's new album? You can listen to it at
The track listing and tour schedule are also there.


5:44 AM  

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